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5 Fitness Motivation Tips -When You Just Don’t Wanna Workout

5 Tips to Keep You Motivated | Rachel Freebairn Fitness

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HELP! I REALLY don’t want to workout!!

We’ve all been there. You’ve scheduled a class or made time in your calendar to get your workout done, but you just don’t wanna! You’re tired and that comfy couch is calling your name. Girl, I’ve heard that same calling to “Netflix and Chill” so many times! So what can you do to find your workout motivation? Tony Horton shares his Top 5 Fitness Motivation Tips – to help us show up every day (even when we don’t want to).

If you have to use one (or more) of these tips, try to remember that an imperfect workout is better than no workout at all! Below are 5 tips to help you ditch the excuses you’ve given yourself, find your fitness motivation, and get your workout done!



1-_do_it_anywayBe you and don’t try to live up to what anyone else in the gym, or on the screen, is doing or looks like. Show up, even if you’re not feeling it, you’re tired, you sat in traffic, you had a fight with your significant other – don’t let yourself listen to your excuses. Just be in the room, be yourself, be imperfect and just do it anyway!




 If you see the moves and you’re dreading them, thinking, “I just CAN’T do it today,” you have two choices – 1) Do nothing – get nothing, or 2) Just take your time at your own pace. It’s not a race and some days you just need to be mindful of your body.



3-_lighten_your_loadIf you’re sore, tired, or you can’t quite pull off the workout as is, then just lighten your load. You can always do fewer reps or feel free to lower your weights and increase the number of reps. Make whatever adjustments you need in order to get you through your workout.



4-_dont_do_the_whole_thingFeel like your workout is too long and daunting for how you’re feeling? Simply shorten it! If you’re scheduled for an hour workout, compromise and commit to half an hour. You can decide to do half if you need to, but once you get going you just might find you have the energy to keep going.



5-_do_it_uglyTake the burden off yourself. Don’t do your hair and makeup; don’t worry about what you’re wearing and how you look in the mirror, just let all of that go and focus on how your workout will make you feel.


Finding Your Workout Motivation

The point is that no matter what, you just need to show up and be consistent. Remember that not every workout is going to be your best. There will be days when you don’t feel like working out and you’re not going to crush it at the gym. And that’s okay! I definitely have those days.

There have been times where I put my workout clothes on then changed out of them before even working out. Some days it’s a struggle and you have to know how to give yourself a pep talk (and begrudgingly put your sports bra back on) and go and put in the work.

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Make Your Commitment

From Tony’s 5 Fitness Motivation Tips, I think the number one tip says it all, “DO IT ANYWAY!” There aren’t many (if any) workouts that I’ve regretted doing, but there are plenty that I have regretted skipping. Make a commitment to yourself to keep trying no matter how you feel. Dance (or in this case, exercise,) like no one is watching and I bet you’ll start feeling better knowing you’ve gotten it done!

To watch Tony’s entire video – The Art of Being Imperfect-Fitness Motivation Tips – you can view it here:

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