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Confessions of a Borderline Slob – Day 4

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Ok, so yesterday was kind of a bust day since my chore was to clean up outside and it was raining. So it goes. Thank goodness for Friday’s catch up day!

I haven’t confessed what my least favorite chore is yet… it’s cleaning the bathroom – the bathtub, in particular, is my nemesis. I don’t know what it is, but having to scrub out the mess I’ve made does not appeal to me at all. It doesn’t help that I have a bum lower back and neck so working in that position really isn’t that easy on my body.

That aside, here’s a little point of perspective that reminds me that cleaning my tiny bathroom really isn’t that bad.  Am I right?

taco bell bathrooms

Source: Pinterest

After finding that cool hack for the vacuum yesterday, I decided to spend a little time looking up bathroom cleaning hacks.  I wondered if maybe I was missing something here too.

I came up with three different lists. 1) Bathroom Cleaning Hacks I’m not even entertaining, 2) Bathroom Cleaning Hacks that are cool and I would try if I had that problem, and 3) Bathroom Cleaning Hacks that I’ll try.

For List 1, please don’t think I’m picking on it (too much) they’re just hacks I’m not personally going to try for various reasons (i.e. too messy, waste of another product, I don’t have said product on hand, don’t wanna, etc.). Keep in mind, some of these tips are also meant for people who want to avoid any unwanted chemicals and want to try a natural solution.

So without further ado, here we go!

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks I’m Not Even Entertaining:

  1. Clean your mirrors with black tea. Over on, they suggest, “When your mirror gets dirty, for instance, instead of grabbing the Windex, why not brew a pot of black tea?” I say, why brew a cup of tea when I can just grab the Windex? Maybe that’s the lazy person in me speaking, but I’m sticking with the purple stuff on this one.
  2. Rub baby oil on your chrome fixtures. I guess the idea is that if you use a dab of it on a paper towel and rub it all over the faucet. Then wipe it off with a clean paper towel and you can finish it by wiping that with a piece of wax paper to make it shiny and resistant to water spots. If you care are shiny, this is a great tip for you. Me, I just want clean.
  3. Clean your bathtub using grapefruit and salt. After second thought, I might try this one, if I’d ever think to buy a grapefruit. I’d be curious just to see how good it smells afterward! Kosher salt and a grapefruit is an interesting combo to try and remove soap scum.
  1. Spray your shower down with a non-stick cooking spray. Apparently, this can be used as a trick to get soap scum off your shower. Spray it, leave it for 5 mins and wipe it off. Does that mean soap scum will not stick to your shower anymore? If you give this a try, leave me a comment to let me know how if it works!
  2. Apply a little petroleum jelly to your shower rod if the curtain rings stick. This issue doesn’t seem like it would be a huge problem, but what do I know? Maybe it is. I just think adding petroleum jelly onto the curtain rod would just make a mess and collect dust. So for me, this is a no-go.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks that are cool and I would try if I had that problem:

  1. Use RainX to keep your shower door clean. Sounds like a great idea to me! It works to repel water off your windshield, so why not on a glass shower door? Unfortunately, I don’t have a shower door, so I’ll have to depend on someone else to try it out!
  2. Put your toothbrush holder in the dishwasher to clean and disinfect it. I also don’t have a toothbrush holder, or a dishwasher, (haha) so this one is a double whammy for me, but it makes a lot of sense to clean that thing! You can also do this with soap dishes too. Just make sure they are dishwasher safe first!
  3. Use clear nail polish on the underside of cans or metal objects that leave rust stains. This creates a barrier and prevents rust from staining your tub or counter.
  4. Use vinegar to clean hard water stains on your countertop*. Just wrap vinegar-soaked paper towels around the faucet fixtures and leave it for 30-60 mins. Should wipe right up.*Note, DO NOT use vinegar on granite. Check out this homemade granite cleaner instead.

So what do you think of these bathroom cleaning hacks? Yay or nay? Which have you tried and which are you willing to try?

I’ll save my commentary on the “Bathroom Cleaning Hacks that I’ll try” list for after I report back tomorrow!

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And if you haven’t downloaded it yet, feel free to download the cleaning schedule I’m using and follow along if you like!

Click here to download your free Cleaning Schedule


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