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Hi there and welcome! Thank you so much for taking a few minutes of your time to stop by! I’m humbled that you decided to check out my story and see what I’m all about. Browse around and if you still have questions, please feel free to Contact Me – I’d love to chat!



WHAT was I like as a kid?

Growing up, I never could decide what I wanted to be. I gravitated more towards building toys, electronics, sports, science and math than I did to fashion, makeup or hairstyles. I thought I’d be an athlete, an astronaut, a circus clown, even a bum living in a shack at the back of my sister’s property (yes, seriously!). I was all over the place! But when one of my teachers suggested that I would make a good engineer (“Wait, he wants me to drive a train!?”) I thought I finally had the direction I needed. So I suited up in my best geek outfit (erm, can anyone out-geek my purple alien costume?) pulled on my learnin’ cap and set my sites on studying mechanical engineering.





Moving on..

I earned my BS in Mechanical Engineering and was a typical “enginerd”. I spent my days researching and solving problems, designing systems and specifying equipment. But I realized that life in the cubical farm had taken its toll on my mind, body and soul. I was a busy professional working long hours. I was a road warrior, traveling 5-days out of the week, spending more time with strangers than with my own family. I was eating out every day (hello fast food and room service!) and not taking very good care of myself. And before I knew it, I was 25 lbs overweight! I was feeling incredibly burnt out and knew something had to give. I knew there had to be more of a purpose for me than living the daily 9 to 5 grind.. or in my case, it was more like a 6 to 6 grind! I wanted to help people in a more meaningful and personal way.


So WHY did I make a change?

Heart disease and strokes run in my family and I knew it was up to me to do what I could in order to Break the Cycle. I decided it was time to do something to start feeling better, to get stronger and to make changes in both my diet and exercise. I’ve CHOSEN to make mine a healthier life. Now I’m here for pay it forward to help motivate and support anyone else who is interested in learning to live a healthier lifestyle too.

Now I’m here for pay it forward to help motivate and support anyone else who is interested in learning to live a healthier lifestyle too.

HOW did I make a change?

In April 2014, I made some BIG promises to myself. I decided it was time to get serious about my health. I was at work and remember thinking that I was tired of feeling tired all the time. I was tired of squeezing into my work pants every day. I was sitting there looking down at my muffin top, wondering, “When did my pants get so small?”

So right then and there, I decided to make lifestyle changes. I started tracking my food intake and adjusted it to balance my macro-nutrient (Carbs-Proteins-Fats) ratio. I was more conscious of what I was putting in my body to FUEL it and I cut out all the junk from my diet. I started working out regularly, 5-6 days a week (for at least 30 mins/day) – a healthy mix of cardio, weight training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), yoga and Pilates. I started walking 4-5 miles every day. And before I knew it.. I had my own transformation story!

WHY did I become a Coach?

Not only did I lose weight and inches (down 25 lbs and 14″ off my body!), but I was building muscle and getting stronger. Having lowered both my cholesterol and triglycerides levels into normal ranges, I was becoming healthier and overall, I could feel a mental shift. Dare I say it? I was a happier person! After achieving my own fitness transformation, I realized that I was passionate about fitness and wanted to help as many people as I could get their own health back on track. I used the discipline, motivation, and commitment I learned and figured out how to create a business helping other people do the same thing. As a fitness coach, I teach what I’ve learned and share my energy, passion, and give you life-changing support through my personal coaching and training programs.

What ELSE do I do with my free time?

  • I’m passionate about supporting the American Heart Association and raise money through Heart Walk events to support research.
  • I’m involved with a book club where I’m pushed to read a different personal development book every month. I can’t say enough about how invaluable this has been to develop my skills as a coach.
  • I’m a sports junkie! My blood bleeds Cubbie Blue and I’m finally living my dream of being a Cubs season ticket holder!
  • I stay active by playing softball, spring through fall, and volleyball year-round.
  • I love being an Auntie to 10 nieces and nephews and spending time with my family whenever I can!

Please feel welcome to explore the rest of my website. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see what I can do to get you started on your our journey, please Contact Me. I look forward to working with

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