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Look, I know we’re all busy but can you really afford to put off your health any longer? I’m here to help you get started on the right path, where you’ll learn how to balance your work/home life so that your health fits into that equation.
You’ll have all the necessary tools – workouts, nutrition, and planning – at your fingertips, so you’ll be equipped to reach the wellness goals you set for yourself!

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Your One Year Project – YOU

Having had all of those wellness goals at one time or another myself, I have found a winning combination that’s worked for me for long-term success. I will be sharing it ALL with you to help you go from struggle to success! But trust me, if you’re looking for magic pills or quick fixes, this is not it! It will take hard work and commitment on your part, but if you show up every day, I promise, I WILL be there with you every step of the way.

Getting healthy is about more than what the scale says or what you look like. Health and healing start from the inside out! So on top of the fitness and nutrition aspects of my program, I will also share my top tips for nourishing the mind and soul!

If this sounds like something you need help with, you’re serious and ready with NO excuses, fill out the form below and together we’ll figure out your best plan of attack!

Why Try THIS Program?

If you’re looking to start a fitness program, work on your nutrition, or you need accountability, you’re in the right place!

But you may be wondering..

“Why should I invest in THIS program?”

Your time and money are important to you and I know how overwhelming it can be to determine the BEST investment to make in your health. I know because I’ve been there too, with every excuse in the book – too busy, too tired, no energy, too expensive, overwhelmed with all I have on my plate, etc.

Through my VIP program, I get the opportunity to share what I’ve learned during my own journey with people like us – those who are serious about taking back control of their lives but need just a little help getting started.

I give you all the tools you need to define your wellness goals so you can go out and CRUSH them! My program will help you get RESULTS in a way that’s easy, fun, and affordable!



My Program


Personal Trainers

24/7 Access




FREE Coaching & Accountability




In-Home Fitness Training




FREE Nutrition Planning


Individualized Meal Plans




No Contract




30-Day Money Back Guarantee








These are the average amounts spent each month on different training methods. The costs can vary depending on your location, as well as the type of plan or services you choose.

So why “Be Here in One Year”?

I decided to launch this one year program because I saw a need for my clients to receive continuous, one-on-one fitness coaching and support from me. In the past, we’ve focused on 21, 30, or 60-day programs, where they got great results, but then what? There are no quick fixes when it comes to your health and 30 days is a good start, but it’s just not enough time!

I was left wondering how I could do even more to help my clients continue on with the healthy habits they were learning.

While working with you, I’ll help you figure out WHY you feel like you’re FINALLY ready to make a change, even if you’ve tried and failed in the past. We’ll define your short-term and long-term goals and set a plan of action for your success.

We’ll work together in 30-day blocks, where at the end of each 30 days, we’ll re-evaluate where you’re at with your goals and readjust your plan where necessary.

My “Be Here in One Year” VIP Program may not be right for you at this time and that’s OK, it’s not for everyone! I will still offer shorter fitness coaching programs ranging from 21-90 days for those who are ready for a healthy kickstart.

What I want you to ask yourself is this –

“What would happen if I had a plan, let go of the excuses, and got to work?”

Will you be here with me in a year to tell your story? Let me help YOU reach the goals you set for yourself!

time for fitness

With enrollment in my exclusive “Be Here in One Year” Program, you will receive:

  • All-inclusive access to my personal coaching, motivation, and tips to help you meet all your goals
  • A private online support group for daily accountability
  • 30-minute jumpstart goal planning session
  • Weekly check-ins
  • 30-minute goal setting/evaluation call, monthly
  • Private access to a fitness program site with access to over 700 workouts (including new and upcoming programs for an entire year), workout calendars, nutrition plans, and recipes
  • Shakeology (a 30-day supply of this nutrient dense, meal replacement shake)
  • Portion Fix (7-piece portion-controlled container system, eating guide, and a shaker cup)

What Does YOUR Best Year Look Like?

Spots are limited each month and cannot be held for my exclusive group. To secure your spot, click the button below to fill out the contact form. We will work together to figure out the next step in helping you reach your wellness goals! Don’t risk the chance of getting waitlisted. Apply today!


Secure Your Spot Today!

Be Here in One Year - VIP

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