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Did you know that you can get a 25% discount on Beachbody products like P90X, Insanity, 21 Day Fix, Hammer & Chisel and the new military style workout, 22 Minute Hard Corps – PLUS you can become a Beachbody Coach for FREE?! As an active military person (or spouse of one) or a veteran, you are eligible for the Beachbody Military Discount Program where the Beachbody coaching and membership fees will be waived! This a HUGE way for Beachbody to say,

“Thank You For Your Service”




Military Discount Program: Veteran, Reservist & Active Duty

military-discount Whether you (or your spouse/domestic partner) are in the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard and Air National Guard –  the Beachbody Coach Business Starter Kit (BSK) sign up fee of $39.95 is waived! The Business Service Fee (BSF) of $15.95 will also be waived (for a period of 2 years, or until the end date of the orders submitted, whichever comes first).

For our confirmed veterans, this program will waive the monthly BSF indefinitely, so long as the requirements to maintain the waiver are met.

Previously the discount was only for active military members (or spouses). Beachbody has now expanded this special offer to military veterans including spouses and domestic partners of military service members wounded, lost or killed in action.

I’m proud to be affiliated with such a great company that honors those who have served our country!


Who Qualifies For This Discount

Who qualifies:

1) Active duty military service members
2) Military service members wounded in action
3) Honorably discharged military veterans
4) The spouse or domestic partner of:

  • An active duty service member
  • A military service member wounded in action
  • A military service member lost or killed in action



“I’m unaware of your financial situation but I do believe that you’re reading this page because you care about your health and fitness. If you have plenty of income and love your job then what I’m about to tell you might not be for you. If you’re not thrilled with the way you make a living, would like extra income, love Beachbody products, like the way they make you look and feel, enjoy helping other people feel and look better, enjoy setting your own hours, get excited about being the captain of your own ship as opposed to working for the man – then listen up.

The reality is, your health and fitness moves beyond you. It impacts the people around you. You (whether you like it or not) have the power to change lives based solely on your own personal transformation. Inadvertently you become a catalyst for change. This is how I got started. I was clueless, asked a few questions based on my need to be strong and healthy, stayed with it and people in my life wanted to know what I was doing. Simple yet powerful.”


– Tony Horton, “Be Part of The Solution“


What Coaching Can Do for YOU!

Unlimited Earning Potential*

As a Beachbody Coach, you earn a commission on all products sold and with your military discount, you are essentially running a business for free! There are no overhead costs and no inventory to maintain. You have access to all marketing materials and training to help you become a top fitness and nutrition coach. You have the opportunity to create a successful and profitable coaching business, risk-free! There are not many other opportunities like this!
As an added Bonus, Beachbody does everything it can to help you succeed, including but not limited to supplying you with leads (certain qualifications must be met in order to receive free leads), incentives, marketing materials, and more.

Get and Stay Fit

You will have access to the latest and greatest workout programs at a fraction of the cost when you use your 25% discount off all Beachbody programs. This means you can get and stay fit for less!
Run your own online fitness challenge groups and boot camps featuring your favorite programs (or you can allow Challengers to choose their own favorite program) to help others to achieve their fitness goals while you stay accountable while coaching at the same time. You are basically getting paid to get in the best shape of your life!

Work as a Team

You will have access to your upline coach (me) to help you through the beginning stages of your coaching career and beyond. As a team, we work together to help other individuals achieve their health and fitness goals and you will experience the thrill of changing peoples lives!
Listen, as a brand new coach, you are going to have questions. I want to ensure that you are capable and ready to take on the task of building your own business and becoming a leader in the coaching opportunity. You will learn how to run and manage your online business. With bi-weekly team calls and follow-ups, you are never left behind.

*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Please review the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for more details. 

How To Get Signed Up

After you decide which option below is right for you, you will need to submit the required information to get the discount and reimbursement on your initial coaching fee. Once your information is approved, you will receive a full reimbursement of your startup enrollment cost of $39.95 plus tax credited back to the card you used at sign-up in 3-5 days.

Within 31-days of enrollment as a Team Beachbody Coach: Submit the Military Fax Cover Sheet, the required Coach information, and a copy of an approved military active status OR veteran’s document (see below).

The sign-up process is simple – there are two ways to enroll:

Become a Coach

If you’re not interested in purchasing a Challenge Pack, Shakeology, or a Fitness Program at this time, or if you’ve previous purchased – you will just join as a brand new coach and pay the initial $39.95. To receive the enrollment fee refund, all you need to do is send in your military form to Beachbody. You will have access to all of the features as a coach, including discounts, training, etc.

Purchase a Challenge Pack

Join by purchasing a challenge pack, which includes your first month of Shakeology ($130 value) and the fitness program of your choice, at a discounted price and your enrollment fee of $39.95 is automatically waived. You will still need to send in your military form in order to ensure that any future charges (of $15.95) are waived, which is a standard business fee for all other coaches. You will have access to all of the features as a coach, including discounts, training, etc.


Join My Team!

Approved Status Documents & Required Coach Information

Approved Veterans Status Document


Approved Reservist Military Documents

BIR – Basic Information Report
Any official military document (orders or otherwise) that confirms the veteran’s current status as a reservist with any branch of the United States Military

Approved Military Active Status Documents

  • Current active duty orders
  • LES – Leave & Earnings Statement
  • BIR – Basic Information Report
  • Proof of Service Letter from Personnel

Note: Military personal ID cards cannot and will not be accepted as proof of eligibility for this program.

Required Coach Information

All of the following must be included on the military active status document:

  • Applicant or spouse’s full name
  • Social Security number (SSN)*
  • Date of birth
  • Date active duty service started
  • Date active service was extended
  • Date of separation

Only Coaches with a valid US address can enroll as a Coach.

* Include the SSN of the person enrolling as a Coach regardless of whose military status is being used.

Requirement to Maintain the Military Beachbody Coach Waiver

Once a Coach is approved for either waiver, they must generate a minimum of 50 Personal Volume points (PV) every 90 days in order to continue to receive the program benefits. But don’t worry, there are a number of ways to easily achieve this level of PV, including purchases made by yourself (i.e. supplements, equipment, fitness programs) and/or purchases made by your personal retail customers. PV is used to determine Active Status and is also a factor in calculating the payout earned by a Coach for each Cycle.

For detailed qualifications and FAQ, visit Beachbody FAQ #2916

Learn More about the Coach Business Opportunity

Beachbody coaches have multiple income streams to help them achieve greater financial security. Learn more about the Beachbody Coach Business or contact me to discuss more about all the ways you can earn an income with Team Beachbody.

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