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4 Tips for Spending Date Night at Home

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cooking-up-love-1Since love is in the air this week, I wanted to give 4 tips for spending date night at home so you can “cook up love” and make your night-in a little more romantic! As an added bonus, in honor of Valentine’s Day and Heart Month, I’m going to share my free ebook, which contains 10 romantic recipes for two, that are not only delicious but healthy! So let’s set the tone, crack open a bottle of wine and get ready to impress your spouse or date. But don’t worry.. if you’re single, you can just skip the romance tips and invite a friend over for a fun night of good, home-cooked food!

1. Write love notes

Nothing will impress your partner more than if you take some time to write a few notes of appreciation for them. You can start the day by leaving a note where they’ll find it first thing in the morning – the bathroom mirror, near the coffee maker or fridge, in their car. Tell them what they mean to you or something you love about them, how they make you feel. Say it from your heart. This will set the tone for the rest of the day and will have you both looking forward to your date.

2. Send a text

Throughout the day, send a text or two saying how excited you are about your date and let them know you cannot wait to spend time with them. If you are keeping your plans a secret, you can give hints and build the excitement even more!

3. Make a “mixtape”

Or today’s equivalent – a playlist. Remember when you were younger and you would spend hours pouring over songs in which to make the perfect mix tape or CD? It had to be just right and when you gave it to your crush, they KNEW it was special. Well, why not recreate that feeling and put together a playlist of your partner’s favorite songs? You can play this in the background while you talk, share a bottle of wine and have dinner at home.

10-romantic-and-healthy-weekend-recipes-for-two4. Make a romantic home-cooked meal

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Or so the saying goes.. But as far as I’m concerned, this works both ways! Women also love the romantic gesture when someone cooks for them. Either way, I’ve got you covered! You can download my 10 Romantic (& Healthy) Weekend Recipes for Two Ebook, choose a meal or two (don’t forget the dessert!) and get shopping! This one will knock your partner’s socks off and show them that you really took the time to plan everything out just to make their day special.

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