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Confessions of a Borderline Slob – Day 2 – Cleaning Schedule

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Ok, my friends, Day 1 of Project “Deslobification” or “Clean Up My Act” is in the books! So how did it go? Well.. it didn’t.

It was the first day and I failed?

To be fair (and to sort of explain myself here) I didn’t decide I was starting this project until later on Monday afternoon and I didn’t account for the amount of work I had already promised to get done yesterday. I was working until 11 pm on another project and there was no frickin’ way I was going to start dusting at that time. I mean, I didn’t want to disturb the ol’ nasal passages right before bedtime, right?

Pro-tip #1: If you’re allergic to dust, plan ahead. If I remember, I will try to either use nasal spray or take an allergy pill, non-drowsy of course, otherwise, it’s naptime!

dust me

Instead, I started my daily chores today. Good thing I have a day built in for “catch up” because apparently, I know myself. High five!

But I am planning to do my next chore tonight because it’s vacuuming and I can’t get that one done during the day because my husband is usually on speaker phone all day. So that’s a no-go for daytime sweeping. I honestly can’t wait to vacuum since I already dusted today. Just makes logical sense that you dust and follow it with vacuuming.

Pro-tip #2: Dust from top to bottom! Dust falls – so start with the highest item first and work your way down, otherwise, you have to do it again (and no one wants that!).

I timed myself during today’s chore.

You will be probably be shocked like I was -> 1:34:36. That’s one hour and thirty-four minutes, people! What the heck was going on over here? Was I dusting fine art at a museum or something? Hah, let me explain.

Yesterday I posted a funny meme about cleaning and it was no joke – I think I spent about 15-20 minutes actually dusting and the rest of the time was spent messing around with cool stuff I found, replying to texts and emails, looking at facebook and doing some organization. Remember all those stacks of “stuff” on my tables? Well, as much as I’d like to, I can’t just dust around them so I had to go through the papers and/or move the stuff around.



Pro-tip#3: Use microfiber cloths because they are electrostatically charged and will attract dust instead of just moving it around.  These suckers do not leave dust and lint behind so it’s a no-brainer to use them for dusting!

It can only get better from here, right?

The first few days are going to be the hardest and will take the most time. But once I get this stuff under control it should be much quicker to breeze through the daily tasks. Wish me luck on not getting too distracted while vacuuming, but I was planning to crawl under the couch to see what’s waiting for me under there!


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And if you didn’t grab it yesterday, click below to download the cleaning schedule I’m working with this week and follow along if you like!

Click here to download your free Cleaning Schedule


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Free printable - daily cleaning schedule | Rachel Freebairn Fitness

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