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Goal Planning – Part 2

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In this second part of my goal planning series, I want to talk about creating your life vision. One of the first things you can do when you’re talking about goal planning is to think about the big picture of your life (including your health, relationships, family, finances, career, etc.) and create your vision.

This should be a fun exercise because I want you to dream big and envision what “greatness for yourself” looks like. But it’s also an important exercise because having a clear vision and knowing WHY you want to achieve your goals will help you on days where you don’t want to show up and do the tasks to get you closer to your goals. And trust me, you will have those days!

Change is uncomfortable for most people which is why we spend so much time doing jobs or tasks we don’t like. We’re comfortable with status quo because we don’t want to venture out of our comfort zones or rock the boat and actually make changes. It’s so easy to keep doing the same thing. But letting your WHY drive you will help you get through the hard, uncomfortable parts when you’re working to reach your goals.

Usually, when we start to dream big, we start thinking about all the negatives of why we won’t be able to do something because it’s too big of a goal or much more than we’ve ever done before. We start questioning and thinking, “HOW in the world can I even do this?”

Just by having that thought initially, you’re already telling yourself it’s impossible and giving yourself permission to not even try. So in this exercise, instead of asking “How can I do this?” I want you to ask yourself “What if I do this?” How will that make you feel? What will your life look like IF you do “XYZ”?

This will help take you through the first mindset shift from impossible to possible as you think about all of the possibilities that could happen if you succeed.

Ok, so the homework I promised you in Part 1 of this series, is outlined below.

Start Creating Your Vision

Take a few minutes to write down (and yes, I want you to physically write it down because that makes it more real and you can visually see what it is you want) all the things you want in life. I am including a worksheet for you, that you can download and use if you want.

But I want you to embrace all the ideas as you let your mind expand and don’t discount anything. Remember anything is possible! Think about what you want to do and have in life. What do you want to be? Think about what’s most important to you in the key aspects of your life – mentally, physically, socially, professionally, financially, and spiritually.

When you’re done, take your list and see what you connect with emotionally and start writing out what your life vision could look like in the future. You can do this for a 1-year look ahead, or dig deeper and see what you want your life to look like in 5 or 10 years.

Think of what will fulfill you and inspire your future self. Don’t worry about feeling silly or being right or wrong, that doesn’t exist. This is purely thinking about what it is you actually want in life.

So if you’re up to it, take a few minutes to think about it and do this exercise. Then in Part 3, we’ll look at what may be holding you back from achieving your goals and how you can take ownership of your vision!

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