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Love Yourself Challenge

Take the Love Yourself Challenge

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I want to challenge you to love yourself even more than you do now! I don’t want you to do this for me, but rather to commit to doing this for you.

Based on positive psychology and positive self-talk, these exercises can help improve your self-esteem, grow your confidence, and allow you to see the good in yourself and others every single day.

Here are 8 things you can start doing today to love yourself more:

  1. Pick a motivational phrase to repeat to yourself when you wake up and throughout your day. Positive thoughts attract positive results. So you’ll want to choose a mantra that makes YOU feel strong and confident.
  2. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Go ahead. Wink at yourself. It may feel ridiculous at first, but give it a chance and you just might change your mood! Have you heard the saying “fake it until you make it”? Eventually, you will start believing what you’re telling yourself to be true.Love Yourself Challenge - Smile at yourself in the mirror.
  3. Smile at others. Your smile not only has the ability to change your own mood but it also has the power to light up the world.
  4. Write something nice about yourself every day in a journal and take time to reflect on how you feel about yourself. Only nice things should be written about yourself!Love Yourself Challenge - Journal everyday and reflect on how you feel about yourself.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone comes from a different place and is in a different mental space. So playing the comparison game isn’t fair to you OR others. Just focus on you and on improving what you’re doing.
  6. Do something that makes you happy! Read a book, see a movie, take a walk, visit a friend, find your happiness and do it.Love Yourself Challenge - Find your passion and do something that makes you happy!
  7. Compliment yourself and others. Go ahead give yourself a pat on the back and give credit to others too. Everyone loves to be appreciated, so why not spread some more love around?
  8. Be proud of yourself for everything that you do and the person that you are or have become. Carry that pride with you.

    Love Yourself Challenge - Be Proud of Yourself

These 8 tasks vary on the difficulty, but they all work together to help you love yourself more each and every day! Which ones are you going to start doing today?

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